Neev Center PosterNeev Center for Geoinfomatics







Lior AGU 2020Tectonic Movements Related to Initiation of Paleo-OCC in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: Paleomagnetic Evidence

Lior Kamhaji, Meir Abelson,

Ron Shaar and Amotz Agnon



gsi_poster_2018_nadav_navonEvolution Of Normal Faults Based On Displacement Patterns:
A Case Study From The Eastern Levant Basin, Israel

Nadav Navon, Amotz Agnon and Benjamin Medvedev



WeizmanCalibrating a new attenuation curve for the Dead Sea region using surface wave dispersion surveys in sites damaged by the 1927 Jericho earthquake.

Yaniv Darvasi and Amotz Agnon




OsnatGrowth and demise of the coral reef at the Eilat Port reflecting sea level history and local tectonics

Barnea O., Stein M., Shaked Y., Brickner, I., Agnon A.





gebcoCompilation of a 100m bathymetric grid for the Arabian Plate

John K. Hall and Shahar Levinson




IngaReverse and Forward 3D Kinematic Modeling of the Northern Negev Monoclines and Underlying Faults Since Triassic

Inga Boianju and Amotz Agnon




Nadav Navon3D Quantitative Seismic Fault Analysis: A Case Study from Offshore Israel

Navon N., Agnon A., Medvedev B., Politi M.




ShaharSatellite Derived Bathymetry: A Semi-Automatic Approach

Levenson S., Hall J.K., Agnon A.





compilation_of_a_100m_bathymetric_grid_arCompilation of a 100m bathymetric grid around the Arabian Plate: Red Sea, Arabian and Oman Seas, Persian Gulf, and northern India

Levenson S., Hall J.K., Agnon A.



yanivMapping Active Faults from a 3D Model Based on Drone’s Photos: An Example from Ye’elim Creek, Dead Sea Escarpment

Darvasi Y., Agnon A., Shemesh R.


Paleoclimatology of the Levant from Zalmon Cave speleothems, the northern Jordan Valley, Israel